Why Pest Control Is Important

When people hear the words “pest control”, many assume that this term refers strictly to animal pest control – such as eliminating mice in a house or the elimination of raccoons in an apartment. While some may truly believe this to be the most important form of pest control, other people are completely dismissive of it – especially since many other types of animals may also be treated with this method. Some individuals believe that only bugs or small insects are considered pests, while others consider raccoons, mice, or even rats (in some cases, even deer may fit into the best category for some individuals!) so strictly pest control is the act of eliminating (by employing repellents or other deterrents) or otherwise removing pests from…

Many exterminators will have their own definition of what pest control is, which can make things a little more difficult for the average person who wants to eliminate any form of pest infestation. One common denominator among exterminators is the fact that all pest control involves the use of chemicals. However, chemicals do not necessarily mean the use of harsh chemicals; rather, most exterminators will opt for plant-based, organic pest control alternatives. These options are less toxic to humans and the environment, meaning that toxic-free options are always available for the average homeowner.

Although some exterminators may use harsh pesticides, most recognize that mild, natural pest control is often the best way to go, as it lessens the potential for serious damage to humans and the environment. In order for a pest control plan to be considered successful, it must address at least three basic issues: habitat destruction, infestation, and control or eradication of pests. Although some pests are more of a persistent problem than others, many exterminators realize that one treatment may not be enough to take care of an entire infestation. Instead, multiple treatments may be necessary in order to completely eradicate a particular type of pest.

Habitat destruction is the process by which an exterminator prevents pests from getting a foothold in a home or building. This is achieved by physically removing any structures, furniture, appliances, and the like from the area. In order for a pest-free property to be fully functional, this step must be taken before any other pest control measures can be taken. This method of eliminating a home’s pests works on a psychological level, as well, as it drives away any animals that may be nesting within the structure.

Infestation can occur in any area of a property, but certain areas are known to harbor higher levels of pests. In order to address this issue, pest control workers utilize traps. These traps provide the worker with an immediate and safe kill on unwanted intruders. Effective traps use a combination of chemicals, food products, and temperature and light changes to lure pests into their traps. Once inside, pesticides will instantly kill any pests that are left inside the trap.

Rodents and Mosquitoes pose a nuisance when they move throughout a residential area. The primary difference between rodents and mosquitoes is that mosquitoes are more likely to bite people while rats usually only bite things around them. In order to keep these pesky intruders at bay, homeowners are encouraged to invest in professional pest control services. In addition to using pesticides on insects, these professionals will also often use traps in order to prevent rodents and other insects from moving into homes. A few pounds of pests can quickly add up, and it is important to call a professional immediately when this happens.

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