How Different Methods Work

One term you hear mentioned a lot in the context of pest control is “population control.” A “population” is anything that is considered unwanted because they either invade people’s homes or companies, creating heightened risk or transmitting a disease or condition. So pest control is the method of eliminating (by use of pesticides or other deterrents) or keeping the population of animals, insects, rodents, and other organisms under controlled levels. It can be done with one single method of control or several methods, depending upon the area or nature of the problem.

There are several different types of pest control by use of baits, traps, and other devices. Rodents that will gnaw through upholstery or fabric, as well as small mammals such as mice, are trapped and poisoned to keep them away. These animals might include snakes, raccoons, and rodents. Various baits may be used, including animal food, leaves, and other naturally occurring foods. Rodents are baited with an anti rodenticide and then trapped, often repeatedly, to ensure that the animals do not reproduce.

Another common form of pest control involves using traps to contain and prevent the reproduction of rodents and insects. These might be placed inside buildings and schools, and sometimes outside, to catch uninvited pests. Sometimes these are placed within a structure itself, to keep rats and other small rodents out. Others might be placed in areas where food is prepared or stored.

Some people utilize chemicals to control pests and insects. There are many different kinds of pesticides, with some having more serious side effects than others. The most popular are those that dry out, burn, and poison insects. However, there are those that merely repel insects, for example those that repel moths. Some pesticides will damage certain types of wood, and other materials.

One problem that some people have with pest control is that they can harm humans, especially children. For this reason, it’s important to thoroughly read all pesticide labels when making the choice of which to use to treat homes and businesses. When dealing with smaller insects, such as mice, it’s typically not necessary to use poisons. However, when dealing with larger, more aggressive insects, chemical sprays are needed to subdue the population.

A third method of pest extermination uses bait. Bait can be a highly effective way of controlling pests in homes and businesses. It’s commonly combined with traps and other methods to quickly and effectively remove pests. This type of bait can damage fabrics and may cause harm to humans, so it’s important to closely follow instructions when using it.

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